Tips for Transitioning Your Baby Into Child Care

What to Look for in a Daycare Center for Your Toddler

by Gene Jimenez

Whether you want to put your toddler in daycare to socialize them, give yourself a break from your busy schedule, or to have someone professional watch them while you go to work or school, you may be wondering which center is best for your needs. Here are things you should look for when choosing the best daycare center for you and your child to help you narrow down your many options. 


You want to choose a facility where the daycare providers are licensed in your state to own a facility—bonus points if they have additional training in child development, have a degree in preschool education, or offer potty training as part of their services. A daycare provider should be willing to undergo a background check and have regular inspection certificates ready for you to view for greater peace of mind as well.

Proximity to home

If you have a daycare center close to your home, this may be your best option due to time savings. Before choosing a center strictly due to its location, make sure they have a low child-to-adult ratio so you know your child is in good and watchful hands when you are away. A respectable daycare center will limit the amount of children they take in based on how many employees they have on staff.

Hours of operation

Some daycare providers have extended hours or even overnight services if you work a graveyard shift or have evening classes and need your child to be watched during odd hours. Their rates may change due to the times you need to have your child in their care, so keep this in mind when choosing daycare services for your child. If money is an issue, you can talk to your local city hall or state assistance provider to see if they can help you in paying for daycare during after-hours times.


A daycare center should have a fenced in yard with a secure gate that children cannot get out of. Staff should be trained in infant and traditional CPR and should have a first aid kit available in their facility. If your child has allergies that can be life-threatening, then safety is an even larger concern and you should only choose a daycare center that can adhere to strict dietary needs and recognize an allergic reaction and know how to administer emergency medication. Talk to your child's doctor about recommended facilities for watching children who have peanut, bee, and other dangerous allergies.

Be sure to ask daycare centers like Kidstown Drop-In Child Care Center about the above points and any other concerns you have to be sure your child receives the best care possible.