Tips for Transitioning Your Baby Into Child Care

Meals At Childcare Centers: 3 Tips For Packing A Healthy And Convenient Lunch For Your Kids

by Gene Jimenez

While some childcare centers will provide meals and snacks for your children, while others will give parents the opportunity and option to pack lunches themselves. If you intend on packing your children's lunches yourself, pay attention to the type of foods and snacks that you include in their lunchboxes. A healthy lunch will teach your children to make healthier dietary choices in the future. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when packing lunches.

Keep it as Simple as Possible and Avoid Sticky, Oily or Saucy Foods

You don't want lunchtime to be any more hectic than it has to be, so try to keep lunches as simple and convenient as possible. Avoid packing foods that need to be reheated or come in complex packaging. You should also avoid foods that are sticky, oily or saucy, as there's a good chance that your children will make a mess of themselves. It's very taxing for the caregivers to have to clean up after a horde of children day in and out.

Substitute for Healthier Alternatives Whenever Possible

Proper nutrition is critical for proper development. It's vital that you watch what your children eat. Healthy eating habits will carry on to adulthood. Try to substitute ingredients for healthier alternatives whenever possible. For example, when making a simple sandwich, try to use whole-grain bread instead of white bread. Instead of packing a chocolate bar or a bag of chips, pack your children a banana or an apple instead.

Check to See Whether There are Any Allergy Concerns at the Center

Did you know that roughly 1 out of every 3 children under the age of 18 have a food allergy? While most allergies are relatively minor and are not life-threatening, others can be fatal. Even the most minor exposure with these foods can trigger an allergic reaction. When packing lunches for your child, ask the childcare center whether any other children have serious food allergies and need to avoid certain foods. This is a good time to explain and teach your children about food allergies and their consequences.


A healthy and simple lunch is best for your children. It's important to look at the type of nutrition that you are providing your children, and to also consider whether you are packing reasonable portion sizes. A healthy and satisfying lunch will fuel up your children for the entire day, and keep them focused on whatever they're learning. Contact a company like Dreamland Education Ctr to learn more.